Kyoshi Wayne Mello

In 1966, Kyoshi Wayne Mello began boxing at the Boys Club in New Bedford, MA. He was introduced to karate about 2 years later by a fellow training partner who had a black belt. Although he can’t remember learning much from him, he knew that he liked it more than boxing.

From 1970 to 1978 he spent time serving in the Army Reserves, as well as raising a family. Sometime around 1978 he started training at an Aikido/Jujitsu school for a couple months. He was then introduced to Kancho John Almeida, Sr. by his cousin Ron O’Berry (Kancho Almeida’s 1st  black belt). Kyoshi Mello trained with Kancho Almeida and Master Kazumi Tabata until they left the NAKF in 1985 and have been an AIKA student and instructor ever since.

He is widely known throughout the professional karate circuit and holds numerous impressive titles. He is a highly respected martial artist, and is believed to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals regarding the art of Shotokan karate.